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Residential Installations

The Electrical Safety Law in the UK states that anyone carrying out fixed electrical installations in households in England and Wales must ensure that electrical installations are:- ‘designed and installed to afford appropriate protection against mechanical and thermal damage, and so that they do not present electric shock and fire hazards to people’ – either residents or visitors.

Electricity is the main cause of over 20,000 accidental home fires each year in the UK and around 350,000 people per year receive an unexpected electric shock. Over the years electrical circuits in homes can deteriorate and appliances can also be misused or become worn out causing the risk of shocks, fires or death. Our highly trained staff can survey your home in depth, test all appliances and check the current state of your wiring, producing a through survey with no gobbledegook.

We will produce an in-depth report and suggest any remedial actions which we, as we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop, can supply replacement items, repair or rectify any problems from minor to major, ensuring your home is safe for your family and guests at all times.

As we have been the preferred installation company in many of this area’s larger building projects, the total experience has given us the knowledge and understanding of installing all electrical services to the highest standards in all houses from ancient to modern, cottages to palaces.

Each contract is unique and we apply our many years of experience guaranteeing that our workmanship is beyond comparison and that your home will meet or exceed all the latest legislation and thus satisfying your insurers and, more importantly, guaranteeing the safety of your family. As with every aspect of our service, we will always be there when you need us and will supply a professional but competitive service whilst never compromising quality, safety or cutting corners.